Volunteer Committee Descriptions




Forecaddies will be stationed throughout the course to assist players with locating

balls during play.


Locker Room Attendant

Locker room attendants will assist with operation of the women’s locker room areas.



Marshals will direct the flow of traffic around the course as-needed, enforce golf

ettiquete, and locate and protect errant golf balls.


On Course Status Boards

On course status board volunteers will display and update current statuses on

the on course status boards located on holes #4 and #15.


Parking Lot Assistant

Parking lot assistants will direct the flow of traffic in the main clubhouse parking

lots to various designated areas.


Player Registration

Registration volunteers will register the competitors for the championship upon

their arrival at Waverly Country Club.


Practice Range Assistant

Practice range assistants will help manage and control the operation of the driving

range and practice green.


Real-Time Scoring

Real-Time Scorers will assist with updating and maintaining all participant scores.




Scoreboard Assistant

Scoreboard assistants will assist with reading scores, adding scores and hanging

score sheets.


Scorecard Runner

Scorecard runners will run the signed and attested score cards from the scoring

tent to the scoreboard.


Standard Bearer

Standard bearers will accompany matches and carry standards to display and

update the current match status. Ability to walk 18 holes required.


Supply Distribution

Supply distribution volunteers will move through the course restocking water

coolers and snacks, checking trash receptacles, replenishing daily pairings sheets,

and maintaining the supply of other materials as-needed.



Transportation volunteers will assist with the operation of shuttles that will run

regularly between the host hotel and Waverley Country Club.


Volunteer Check-In

Assist with volunteer check-in process for various committees, answer questions

regarding volunteer hosptality and logistics, may be asked to fill in at other

positions on-course as-needed.


Walking Scorer

Walking scorers will enter hole-by-hole scores for all players in their assigned

group into a hand-held scoring device. Ability to walk 18 holes required.

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